Ivonne Alfonso

Sr Contract Administrator

Ivonne Alfonso has been a central figure for Key International as the lead Contract Administrator and Closing Coordinator for the firm’s condominium projects since 2008. To this responsibility, Ivonne calls upon skills she has developed over two decades in the real estate industry. Her impeccable attention to detail, process management, and quality control are integral to numerous business functions for the firm.

One of the core responsibilities she oversees on a nearly daily basis is the administrative and procedural elements of all closing transactions. To date, Ivonne has successfully closed more than 2,000 residential units for the company, and she continues to streamline this essential business activity for the benefit of buyers and the company alike.

Her strength in day-to-day operational tasks is also of great value to the sales and marketing department of the company, helping to facilitate the sales of residential developments. In this role, Ivonne works closely with the Director of Sales and the Sales team to help manage marketing efforts, meet financial benchmarks, and achieve sales goals.