Inigo Ardid

Inigo Ardid


Inigo Ardid is one of three executive-level members of Key International’s founding family. He works side-by-side with Co-President, Diego Ardid for operational responsibilities and continuing the company’s reputation for high standards of quality and lifestyle enrichment.

Along with the top-level leadership he provides for the entire firm, Inigo Ardid takes primary responsibility for the company’s Development Division. As a seasoned real estate developer who has been involved in more than $4 billion worth of real estate transactions, 10 million square feet of new construction, and more than 4,500 residential units, Inigo has a keen eye for recognizing opportunity and maximizing returns.

In leading the Development Division, Inigo personally oversees land acquisition efforts, including property selection, feasibility, due diligence, and planning. As well, he manages all financing activities related to new developments, including investor relations and relationships with banking and other financial institutions.

Inigo Ardid holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University.